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June 5, 2019

Be confident when painting your home!

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Be confident when painting your home…

Discover our 5 favourite painting techniques

1. Neutral Borders

The most traditional style when painting your home; paint your walls and ceiling in a rich pigment and paint all woodwork white. This creates a contrasting border from wall to floor and sets off a clean crisp look.

(Image: Osborne & Little available at Blakely Interiors)

2. All-one-colour

Follow the trend; paint all woodwork and walls in the one colour, making little or no division between walls, doors, skirting, and ceiling. This creates a seamless look and generates a sense of calm to a space.

(Image: Zoffany Paints, Fabrics and Wallcoverings available at Blakely Interiors)

3. Rich Borders

To create a contemporary style, choose a pale paint colour for the walls and ceiling and a dark rich pigment for all woodwork. This makes everything beyond the woodwork feel elongated and lighter in contrast. It can also make a room feel more spacious.

(Image: Harlequin Fabrics and Wallcoverings available at Blakely Interiors)

4. Shading

Make a statement by painting a space in two different shades of the one colour. The two colours should complement each other.  You can choose a darker shade for the woodwork and lighter shade for walls and ceiling.  This can add warmth to your scheme and make a space feel more luxurious.

(Image: Zoffany Paints, Fabrics and Wallcoverings available at Blakely Interiors)

5. Brave Colour Mix

Select a combination of paint colours to create a high contrast between walls, skirting and ceiling. Colours must be carefully balanced to make this work. It often includes three colours; one colour should dominate and the other two will be accent colours. This is a daring paint option but can create an effective modern space when done right.

(Image: Osborne & Little Fabrics and Wallcoverings available at Blakely Interiors)


Whether you are staying safe with traditional neutral borders; braving it with colour shading or choosing one solid colour – you will be sure to find your paint with us.

We offer 100’s different paint colours at Blakely Interiors. All of which are crafted to the highest specification and infused with superior grade pigments.

Our Paint Brands include: Zoffany, Designers Guild, Sanderson and Little Greene


Simply get in touch to browse our paint collections and get some expert advice… 

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