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August 28, 2019

Does your home need window dressings?

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Visit our studio to design your window dressings with our experts. Our designer library hosts an extensive choice of plain and printed fabrics for you to choose from. All our window dressings are handmade to perfection, at our facilities in Banbridge. We are very proud of this.
Image: Picture of Zoffany fabrics. Available at Blakely Interiors

Does your home need window dressings?

Image: Picture of a blind made in Harlequin fabric. Available at Blakely Interiors. 

Discover our top 9 tips…

1. Window dressings create a cosy welcoming feeling to your home.

2. The overall look and feel of a space is dictated by the light that casts into the space and how the windows are framed by your design of curtains and blinds.

3. When choosing your window dressings make sure you follow your colour band. This will help anchor your interior design scheme together.

Image: Picture of curtains made in Mulberry Home fabric. Available at Blakely Interiors. 


4. Curtains and blinds act as a covering to enclose your space. They give your home privacy and security.

5. Window dressings offer a cohesive look throughout your home, which can increase property value (up to 5%).

6. Your choice of window dressings will depend on your budget and personal requirements.

Image: Picture of a blind made in Harlequin fabric. Available at Blakely Interiors. 

7. Window dressings provide light control and insulation, at your convenience. They help preserve your floors, walls and furniture from sun exposure.

Image: Picture of the Metropole track. A hand, cord or electric operated system by Silent Gliss.  Available at Blakely Interiors 

8. There is endless choice of heading types, poles and tracks for your curtains and blinds.

9. Battery powered and electric wireless tracks for blinds and curtains are the new craze. With convenience you can adjust your window dressings by a flick of a switch.

“We continue to test new curtain and blind tracks available in the market to ensure we offer our customers the best hi-tech products for their home,” says Blakely Interiors expert.

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