With the dark evenings drawing closer we find your homes need more light, texture and colour in Autumn and injecting metallic tones into your spaces will offer you just that.


Shimmery fabrics, molten finishes, and shiny treatments, metallic interiors are all the rage this Autumn. From home living spaces right through to hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Cool metallic tones (such as silver, nickel and steel) bring a slick, modern aesthetic, whilst warmer tones (gold, rose gold, bronze and brass) are inviting, flattering and subtly glamorous. A mixture of the two offers unique looks – modern with a touch of glamour, minimalism with an inviting appeal and rawness refined.

Metallics also add edge to your space and intrigues the senses.

sb3First things first – remember that metallics aren’t only actual metals. Metallic tones can be found in just about anything you can think of – artwork, glass, embroidered curtains, wall coverings and (especially) upholstery – so keep that as an option if you’re looking to try this look.

For an opulent choice of fabric, there are a range of textiles that will add a rich sheen to your space – metallics have been printed on to velvet for ultimate stroke ability.

Glowing metallic wallpapers add warmth and sheen to a room. Metal worked into flooring, is also a big hit, whether it’s tiles or carpet, for richness and light. Metal can appear everywhere, from bookshelves to tiling to upholstery furniture and curtains, where it appears in sinuous sculptural forms.


Metallic tones embrace the light in your space, the light beams off their surfaces and produces various shades.

Mixing metals used to be a big no, no, but today this certainly isn’t the case. Harmonising metal tones together create an opulent stylish impact on a room.


Keep your colour palette simple…

When adding metallics to your space we like to keep your colour palette thoroughly sophisticated.


Consider an accent colour with care and try to just stick to one. If you’re going for a maximalist look, jewel tones like navy and emerald green work well; for a chic look, use a subdued grey-tinged colour; or for femininity, choose a pastel shade. Doing this allows the focus to remain on the beauty of the contrast (metallics) and showcases these undoubtedly statement pieces.

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