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May 22, 2020

#TeamBlakely during lockdown

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Hello, Us again.

Here at Blakely Interiors we are all working together to make it through this scary and unsure time .

None of us know what to expect from each day to the next BUT never fear… #teamBlakely are here to keep you entertained.

Our team are so used to being creative and getting to use their talents for all of our clients stunning homes throughout their day to day, so what do we do now that we are all trying to fill each day?

As you may remember at the beginning of this year on our social media outlets we introduced you to our fab team members (we definitely suggest you go and have a read if you want a giggle) and we want to keep all of our lovely clients and friends happy and cheerful throughout this time as much as we can so we suggest pouring yourself a large cup of team (we really mean wine, snuggling into your cosiest sofa and having a read over what #teamBlakely have been up too.


Jeanette: Our beautiful inside and outside Jeanette has been putting her creative hands to good use and spending hours working on some very complicated jigsaws (we don’t know how she has the patience either)


Sharpie: Oh Sharpie, instead of running around our showroom in whirl of chaos our lovely Sharpie has been helping his local elderly neighbours with their groceries, collecting prescriptions and helping in any way that he can it’s no wonder you all love this brilliant man… AND he even made his own scones (were still waiting for ours to be delivered though)


Brian: Our talented craftsman has been keeping busy with his little kiddies and spending most of his days locked in his shed creating incredible wood work masterpieces as well as helping his local community tidying up the streets and fixing signage and kerbs to keep the everyone safe.


Valerie Bell: Of course, our blonde bombshell and star baker has been cooking up a feast and showing Mary Berry a thing or 2 with some mouth watering desserts and incredible dishes and although they look and were sure taste incredible we are so glad we don’t live with her otherwise our jeans would definitely not fit at the end of this.


Stephen Blakely: Anyone who knows Stephen knows he is not good at sitting still, we get dizzy just watching him working on several different projects at one time so it’s no surprise that he is still working away behind the scenes as well as wallpapering and painting our stunning showroom ahead of our reopening which we cannot wait to see …stay tuned to our social media pages for more to come on this


Martin: We have no doubt that our Scottish gem is missing his beloved football matches and being able to get out and play a good game of golf however with 2 lovely little daughters and plenty of gardening to keep him busy we are sure he will be thrilled to come back to work soon.


Valerie Blakely: In between dealing with accounts, suppliers and of course keeping Stephen sane through this all she has been giving our Valerie a run for her money in the scone making department also, we cannot wait for the bake off’s to come very soon…can we also take this time to wish our lovely VB a very HAPPY 45th BIRTHDAY! I think we can all agree she doesn’t look a day over 21!


Lauren: In between looking after puppies and kittens Lauren has been using this time to move into her new home and finally use that Interior design experience for her own space, when she’s not stripping wallpaper and sanding walls she can be found training for a marathon…2 miles is enough prep right?


Although this is such a hard time for everyone we hope that we can keep you all In good spirits and rest assured we are all dreaming of getting back and stuck into all of the exciting projects to come! So, now it’s your turn, why not let us know what you have been up to during this time and help inspire our team, just send your exciting updates through to us on any of our social media platforms.

Love, #teamBlakely