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December 4, 2019

Christmas ‘Tis the season to be Jolly’

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‘Tis the season to be jolly’

Christmas usually begins in the home; when the nominated family member is given the challenge to rescue the decorations from the attic, (which have just about survived last year’s celebrations).

From the very first box retrieved from the attic we find ourselves moving furniture into the dark corners of our homes; to make room for the Christmas tree and its entourage of baubles, ornaments and never-ending fairy lights. This can disrupt our interior design schemes and can make our home seem somewhat disjointed.

Here are a few festive tips to keep your interiors right this Christmas…

Light up your life…

Everything looks better with twinkling lights, especially at Christmas, when the evenings are darker and colder. Whether you go big, bold, and bright or dull, dim and subtle – fairy lights will add a glow to your home whatever the style.

*Tip: Don’t be afraid to spread the magic – add fairy lights along your mantel, window frames, or stairway banister to continue the glow throughout your home.


Seasonal elements…
Be sure to make a visit to your garden and gather up seasonal elements such as holly, twines, or pinecones to bring a rustic approach to your space.

*Tip: Add them to an empty vase with battery powered twinkle lights for a quick DIY feature or plant them in a pot of pebbles and decorate them with delicate baubles to create a Christmas tree with a difference.


Subtle decorations…
If your space is compact or your interior design scheme already includes vibrant bold colours or prints – keep minimalistic.

*Tip: Keep it simple by choosing just one subtle colour to decorate your home with at Christmas. Gold, silver, white, grey or brown are preferred colours to choose from. Choosing one colour and use in repetition throughout your home at Christmas, will keep your tree uniformed and can create a bigger impact than a multitude of different colours.

Be eclectic…
A little mix match is allowed at Christmas – displaying different items together to create a festive vibe in your home adds dimension to your space when decorating mantelpieces or dinner settings.

*Tip: Gifts, candlesticks, vases, and ornaments work well together when all one colour but in different shades and shapes. Also, don’t be afraid to have them vary in height too.

If your Christmas tree is replacing a piece of coloured furniture that usually brings your home decor together; try to colour coordinate your Christmas decorations with existing colours to avoid the tree looking misplaced.

*Tip: Nothing looks better than coordinating the wrapping paper of gifts below your tree too. This helps to complete the entire look and fulfill the colours that are usually in the space.

We hope these tips will give you a little helping hand when preparing your home for Christmas – we want you to choose decorations that not only work for your home but work for you and your family too.

Merry Christmas from our team at Blakely Interiors