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March 16, 2020

9 Interior Design Secrets To Transform Your House Into A Home

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Last month our team of designers headed off to the Titanic exhibition centre in Belfast ahead of Self build live 2020.

The weekend proved to be a great success with lots of exciting new projects coming our way and the chance to once again work alongside existing clients.

This fantastic event ran over 3 days and always captures a great attraction with people thinking about building, young couples starting off in their new homes and everything in between. Self build live houses some of the best and leading companies within the world of homes and everything in between.

It is also a brilliant event to gather knowledge with leading companies presenting their top tips on several stages across the weekend, including our very own Stephen Blakely who took to the stage not one but twice to give us his “9 Interior secrets to transform your house into a home

Why 9 and not 10? “You won’t remember the guy who gave you 10 top tips, but you will remember the one who gave you 9”.



Okay your foundations haven’t even been dug yet, why would you need to be thinking about where you are going to put your plug sockets?

Actually, this is the perfect time to think about it!

We describe the designing process as a triangle.

The bottom of the triangle is where you have all of your options, flooring, layouts, colour, shape etc but what happens when you make a decision? You go up the triangle and suddenly that decision that you made at the beginning you weren’t quite sure about has now narrowed all of the choice that you can have and you are stuck at the top of the triangle with a ‘it’ll do’ finish, rather than a “I love this” finish.


You’ve been scouring Pinterest searching for inspiration and suddenly you have fallen in love with a panty specifically for baking, you studently find yourself falling in love with the idea of baking on a rainy Sunday afternoon in this secluded space that is designed around that vision …sounds perfect doesn’t it? One tiny problem…you don’t bake, you don’t even enjoy cooking yet, so why are you creating a space for a hobby you don’t and probably won’t ever do?

Think about the uses of each room, who will be in it, when will it be used? What do you need in this space for it to be practical? If you can answer these questions honestly and with a clear mindset then you have the hard work done!

“Ssh, the architect isn’t always right”. If your space isn’t working around you or your family, then change it!



When moving into your home the easiest thing to do (we absolutely don’t recommend) is to paint the entire house one colour.

Why is this bad we hear you ask? Remember that triangle we mentioned…

By painting the entire of your house one colour you have narrowed down every option for wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, carpets, etc without you even knowing it.

Our recommendation? Stick to the main rooms you will use the most of first i.e. kitchen, living room, bathroom and a bedroom.

Carve your design and style into these spaces by taking the time to image what you want the finalised space to look like, how do you want it too feel?

By asking yourself these questions and again taking the time to find the answers will end up saving you a lot of time and money down the line.


Make your kitchen work for you. This is the room that you will spend the majority of you time in. Where you will prepare meals for the family, where you will entertain, catch up with your loved ones etc. so this space needs to be right for you.

This is where your planning ahead will come into play.

Have you thought about your storage needs? Do you want equipment such as toasters and microwaves on your worktop? If not, do you have a dedicated space for them?